SerieFoot targets two categories of users:

active users: they download a competition file only once and they input scores themselves, they simulate standings, they try to predicate future results, etc. by using this file from their hard disk;

passive users: they use the application like they use a newspaper to track competitions, provided that they have an active Internet connection. For them, the best way is:
configure the Download preferences to choose Double-click to open competitions;
2. use the command Download Competition Files from the menu File to get the list of all available competitions (the words Open (read only) must appear in the bottom left side of that window);
3. open the chosen competition by double-clicking on it (repeat this step if you want more than one competition);
4. use the command Save Workspace As... from the menu File to create a workspace file.
The next time you open this workspace, SerieFoot will silently update data by reading the competitions over Internet if the connection is active.

The next screen shot shows what a workspace could be: many different windows from many competitions. The Competitions over Internet window allows to download or open in read only mode all the available competitions directly from the application.

Download available competitions directly from the application (or from the Download page) and enjoy...
Many national leagues, international competitions between clubs or nations are available to provide results, fixtures, standings, statistics and graphical display.

The on-line help will come later...
If you want to see it in French, here it is.