Here is the list of those who contributed to realize and (or) broadcast the software :

SerieFoot author : Jean-Pierre Curcio
Site designer : David Honnorat
Picture and mini-icon : Jean-Jacques Cortes
New icons : Dean Jones

French translation : Jean-Pierre Curcio
English translation : Jean-Pierre Curcio
Spanish translation : Jean-Pierre Curcio
Italian translation : Riccardo / Patrick Marchini
German translation : Christian Froesch

Don't hesitate to offer your contribution !

Links to other websites dedicated to football

Classfoot version PC This software, written by Vincent Roches, is on of the most complete of the football competition manager running under Windows.
Official UEFA site Attention : some parts of the site are accessible only in English. This site displays results of all european championships and all UEFA-organized competitions. It offers links to all countries official sites.
Official FIFA site FIFA organizes the World Cup, the Confederations Cup and the Olympics Tournament, among other competitions.
These three sites gather many results from completed or current competitions from every part of the world.